Summer in Winter

There’s some summer in the winter 2018 collection of Antonelli Firenze, a collection that plays on color tones, contrasts and overlays and that exceeds all boundaries.

It’s an explosion of bold colors with rich personalities: when transposed onto winter fabrics and patterned jacquards, they lose their seasonality and present new ways of combining with whites, grays and camel colors.

Colors such as sun-yellow, flame-red, rust-orange, Klein blue and turquoise are unexpectedly found on coats of bon ton wool, frayed alpaca and new lightweight sheepskin, as well as on damask outerwear and long floral kimonos. The same colors sometimes become decorative elements, like trouser side bands, or exalt the brilliance of patterned silk shirts.

The difference is to be found in the various versions of velvet, in step with the nuances of the collection: these are presented in such patterns as corduroy, plain, jacquard and printed and used on skirts, trousers and blazers. Corduroy is the protagonist of robe coats and track suits, whose colors make them into elegant articles of clothing.

Blue is the new black for more formal occasions, where silk trousers are worn with oversize lightweight angora sweaters.

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