The history of Antonelli Firenze is a narrative describing excellence and innovation that began in post-war Castelfiorentino, where In 1953, Luciano Antonelli founded the company. First called Vicad and then later Gossip, the firm stood out for its top quality manufacture of women’s lingerie and night-clothes.

Then in 1999 at the dawn of the millennium, a new generation, in the person of Luciano’s daughter Enrica, came in to guide the company as she inaugurated a new epoch of stylish innovation with her launch of the first couture line of women’s tops. That was just the beginning: a series of expansions and renewals have since then newly distinguished the Antonelli brand.

Another turning point in 2012 was marked by the introduction of a wider range of products, namely slacks, skirts, jackets, coats, and knitwear. This was the first complete total look collection which maintained the reputational excellence of apparel made in Italy by women for women.

Then a new generation, in Enrica’s son Marco Berni, continued the legacy by again renewing the brand’s evolution. With Marco at the helm as CEO, the company sailed forward towards international expansion. This initiative was marked by the brand opening its first flagship store in Moscow In 2016, which in turn was followed by additional launches and a significant consolidation of its presence on the global market.

In 2023, Antonelli Firenze celebrated a significant financial benchmark when it reached a 100% growth in sales, compared to the period from 2021 to 2023, with a turnover exceeding 20 million euros. All of this achievement was also made possible by the unswerving involvement of the company’s dedicated staff of 40. Today, the brand’s success has extended well beyond Italy’s borders, with distribution that covers over 20 countries worldwide and counting, including a robust network of 650 clients, made up of both wholesale dealers and many upmarket department stores.

Whilst the brand has further deepened its roots in Italy with its posh 220 square-meter showroom in central Milan at Via Tortona 21, Antonelli Firenze can also be found at renowned uptown department stores in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Riga, as well as in Germany, Switzerland and Spain; not to mention Rome, Florence, and Turin, where it is further consolidating its reputation for excellence and luxury in the fashion industry.